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For Bitter For Worse - Rose City Fizz 4-Pack

For Bitter For Worse - Rose City Fizz 4-Pack

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The first canning run sold out in 19 days! Rose city fizz from For Bitter For Worse is a  playful, fruit-forward sparkler. It’s like drinking a berry-infused kiss.

Pairing: picnic fare, a cheese board, tacos, any dish you’d pair with sangria, smooches.

To serve: on the go? Pop the can and enjoy! Feeling fancy? Serve over ice with a sprig of spanked rosemary.
Tasting notes: berries, ginger, vacation Silver medal la spirits awards 2022.

• Made in United States • Alcohol by volume: 0.5% • Shelf life: 6–12 months • Storage: Shelf-stable 

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, organic strawberry juice concentrate, organic white grape concentrate, orange juice concentrate, saskatoon juice concentrate, organic cherry juice concentrate, organic apple cider vinegar, organic sweet orange peel, organic spices, organic hibiscus, organic rhubarb root, organic gentian root, organic bitter orange peel, non-GMO citric acid, organic dried chamomile flowers, foraged douglas fir needles, organic dragon fruit powder, organic dandelion root, organic monk fruit
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