About Lucidity

We're here because we want to be part of the presence, purpose & inclusivity in the alcohol-free movement.  When we saw all the innovation taking place we asked ourselves "how can we contribute?"  And we realized we've always loved to recommend, research and curate when it comes to food & drink.  And our biggest learning so far has been: the limitless opportunities for expansion.  Expanding into new ways of being and more moments for joy & connection without alcohol?  We're here for it.

We want to bring you all the great alternatives to alcohol and make it easy and convenient (we offer free delivery)!  We deeply understand the disappointment of trying wine we hate, or spirits that taste nothing like we remember or a drink that's way too sweet or overly acidic.   

The thing is, we truly love doing the research & tasting for you.  Which aperitif is right for you?  Which wine should you try? What's the best recipe to make the most of that spirit?  Don't know where to start?  Just ask!   We're real people & we like to think we have good taste!  We've tried every product we offer.  But what we love most is love helping YOU find YOUR favorite.  If you already have a favorite, and don't see it here, let us know!

And if, despite our best efforts you don't like something, please reach out so we can try again. Just like when you tried different wine varietals & producers...or different distillers or brewers or styles...it takes some time & experimentation to find what you like.  And once you find something in the non-alcoholic space that tastes as good or better than what you used to drink, it feels like freedom!

Drop us a line hello@enjoylucidity.com or use the chat!  We're here for you!